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Terms and Conditions
A. Procedure for renting a vehicle:

Dispatch of booking with whichever means is convenient for you. (By completing the on-line reservation form our web site, or by sending us e-mail, or by sending us a fax, or by calling our head reservation office in Athens).

Confirm your booking by receiving a reservation number from our web site, or

By calling the head reservation center of Avanti Rent a Car® (+30 210 92 12 861). Payment of reservation: In order for a booking to be valid the full amount must have been paid. Payment can be executed online using our secure server and your credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or by depositing the full amount into our company's account. If you wish to pay by depositing into our account, you must say so in your reservation so that Avanti Rent a Car® will inform you of the company's bank account. Payment receipt: Upon collection of the funds either thru your credit card either thru direct deposit Avanti Rent a Car® will issue a receipt in the renter's name and will fax the receipt immediately to the renter, the original receipt will be delivered with the car, except if the renter asks to be send by post.

B. Rental requirements:

Driver must be over 23 years of age.

Greek drivers license, country member of the European Union or International Drivers license that has been issued at least one year ago.

Credit Card (Visa - MasterCard).

C. General Terms of Rental:

The minimum time of rental is 24 hours. Every additional hour is charged with 1/5 of the daily charge.

Delivery and Collection of the vehicle is charged additionally. From/to the airport at 30,00 € each way, from/to the port of Piraeus at 10,00 € each way, from/to any hotel in Athens at 10,00 € each way and from any other location at 100,00 € each way.

Tax of 18% is added to the total amount.

Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter.

Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renter's responsibility.

The vehicle may be used ONLY for legal purposes.

Rentals cannot be ferried to and from an island without the advanced written authorization of Avanti Rent a Car®.

Rentals are valid only for within Greece. The renter cannot travel outside the borders of Greece without a written consent of Avanti Rent a Car®.

Extension of rental beyond the agreed terminating date cannot happen without the advanced written authorization of Avanti Rent a Car® and the required prepayment made so that the insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean that the rental is driving without insurance.

D. Insurance coverage:

Renters are insured for public liability insurance, third party property damage insurance, for fire and theft of the vehicle.

Renters can obtain at a small extra cost Full Collision Protection, excluding the first 500 €.

Renters can obtain at a small extra cost Personal Accident Insurance.

The insurance does not cover any damages that may have been incurred while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Damages are not covered in the case the car was traveling on an unpaved road, engaged in vehicle racing or engaged in illegal actions.

Damages on the interior of vehicle, under the vehicle and tires are not covered by any insurance if it is not a result of a vehicle accident.

In general the renter should know that the following are not covered by any insurance company:

- From the drivers intention.
- From invasion, hostility, act of war, demonstration, riot, strike, coup d' etat, revolution, requisition.
- From flood, typhoon, hurricane, windstorm, volcano eruption, earthquake.
- The moment the vehicle is in a ship or ferryboat.
- From fines or the redemption of penalties imposed by administrative, police or judicial authorities, due to law violations or police orders.

D1. Accident Reporting:

In case of an accident, the renter must submit a written declaration thru Avanti Rent a Car® to the insurance company. Before the renter submits his declaration he should not in any way admit responsibility or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, direct or indirect. The written declaration should be submitted within 24 hours from the accident. If the arrival of the renter to the Avanti Rent a Car® offices is not possible then the written declaration could be submitted by fax or by e-mail.

D2. Collision Damage Waiver (Gross Insurance):

In case of an accident that is caused by the renter's responsibility, the renter's liability is up to the sum of 500,00 €. This amount is the highest that the render must pay.

E. Administration of accidents, mechanical damages, lost keys:

Traffic accidents:

In case in the duration of the rental agreement happens a traffic accident, the driver must first immediately and if he is capable to take care for his own safety and the safety of his passengers. Then he must inform Avanti Rent a Car®. In case of traffic accident with light material damages the driver can, in his judgment, to decide that it is safe to continue with his trip, or to ask for replacement of his vehicle. It is advisable in any accident the driver to call the police in order a written report will be filled by the police officer. In case the police do not fill a report, the driver must write down the license plate of the vehicle that he had the incident, the full name of the driver, his telephone number and the name of the insurance company that covers the other vehicle. Then he must submit a written declaration Avanti Rent a Car® stating the exact incident and how the accident happened.

Mechanical damages:

The vehicles of Avanti Rent a Car® are new are delivered in excellent condition. Nobody although can exclude the possibility of a mechanical damage. All the vehicles of Avanti Rent a Car® are covered by road service (ELPA - 104). In case of any mechanical damage the driver calls during the working hours (08:00 - 21:00) the Avanti Rent a Car®, which sends the road service to check the condition of the damage. If the damage can be fixed instantly, then, the road service restores the damage and the rental continues. If the damage is serious, then the Avanti Rent a Car® sends a replacement vehicle to exchange it with the original rental. During the off-work hours (21:00 - 08:00) the render calls the road service himself at 104 and if it necessary to replace the vehicle that happens the next morning. The replacement time depends from the distance with respect of the closest station. Usually the time needed does not exceed the 4-5 hours.

Lost keys:

The keys of all the vehicles of Avanti Rent a Car® are immobilizer. For each vehicle key there is only one spare. In case the render loses his key, he must immediately notify Avanti Rent a Car® in order to receive a spare key, without trying in any way to start the vehicle. The render is charged with the cost for making a new key. Avanti Rent a Car® is obligated to deliver to the render the relative receipt from the vehicle manufacturer's agent.

Keys locked in the car:

The render must notify Avanti Rent a Car® in order either to send a locksmith to open the vehicle or to send a spare key. The render is charged with the cost for the visit of the locksmith or the dispatch of the spare key.

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