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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How’s Driving in Athens? Is it as bad as they say?!!

Driving in Athens is not really as bad as they say. It needs a little extra attention though, mainly due to the many motorcycles and scooters that are driving all around. They sometimes look like they don’t care and just go everywhere but here’s a tip: If you drive in a predictable way for them, they will never bother you. That is if you want to change a lane for example, have your flash on, look at the mirror, and they will have seen you! If they’re not too close they will stop for you. If you don’t make your move as expected, they will not wait long, they will just keep on like they ignore your intention…
Which brings us to the 2nd issue: Greek drivers are inpatient. They will horn more and probably cause panic to anyone who’s not used to such behavior. You shouldn’t let it get to you, it doesn’t mean that you almost caused an accident or something, they just want to make a fuss in every chance!
So, here’s what you do: Drive carefully and in a predictable way and don’t mind the horning and aggressiveness, and I can guarantee you will have no problem driving anywhere in Athens.

2. How are the roads in Greece?

The road network of Greece is pretty good and is getting better and better. Therefore you may find works on some roads. All the national highways are in good shape. The smaller roads may have old pavement and be slippery in some parts. Nothing you can’t handle by reducing speed a little before the turns… The biggest “inconvenience” is that the roads to most destinations contain a couple of mountain climbing(!) so it will take you longer than what you have estimated by looking at the map. However, the view is awesome, it will definitely pay you back.

3. Is it easy to park in the center of Athens?

The center has an obvious parking problem during day time. When the shops are closed things are much better, and you can find a spot quite easily if you don’t mind walking a little. The very many parking lots everywhere in the center, give an acceptable solution to this problem, as with aprox. 8 € you can leave your car for half a day (or all night). Be aware of the brand new “parking measures” by the municipality of Athens, where parking is not allowed in some places (unless you live nearby and have the appropriate license) and allowed for 3 hours at the most and with a fee in some other places. Be careful because the municipality police is sensitive about it and you can easily get a ticket.

4. What is the best time to leave the city (rush hours)?

Although there are always a lot of cars on the central streets, the rush hours are aprox. 0830 – 1030, 1400-1600 and 2000-2100.
Shops are open half day (0900-1530) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This results to more cars on the streets those afternoons/evenings.
The “historic center” (Plaka, Monastiraki, Psiri, Thisio) wakes up later and stays up later. Traffic will start at about 1100 and will never be too heavy. Action on those streets will continue until late at night.
Anyway, our advice is not to change any of your plans because of the probable traffic because nothing is for granted, the traffic may change from minute to minute and the worst thing that will happen to you is get stuck in a jam for 15-20 minutes. Nothing more than that, the center is close to the highways.

5. Where are you located and what are your opening hours for pick-up and drop-off of the rental cars? Is it easy to find the highway from there?

No need to worry about that. We can deliver the car to your hotel in Athens for no charge from 0900 to 1900 on the week days and from 0900 to 1600 on Saturdays and Sundays. You can drop the car off again at your hotel any day and time you prefer. If it’s after our office hours, we will collect it the following morning (no charge). If you don’t feel confident about driving in Athens and heading for the highway, we can even take you to the beginning of the highway and point you to the correct direction! That also is a free service but you have to have asked for it from before.
Our main offices are on 50, Syngrou Ave. 117 42, Athens. We’re open from 0900 to 1900 on the week days and from 0900 to 1600 on Saturdays and Sundays and we answer the telephone 24 hours, 7 days a week!
Anything you may need is probably possible with us…
We rent cars anywhere in Greece
We make one-way-rentals
Deliveries – Collections from anywhere in Greece with a small extra charge according to the distance
Transfers with Mini Vans and driver, and more…
So, don’t let pick-up and drop-off be a problem, just tell us what you want!

6. What does your insurance cover?

We have road assistance in all of our cars with 24 hour service anywhere in Greece. In case of accident, if it’s our client’s fault, he is only responsible up to until 500 €. Our insurance will cover the third party and our car’s damage after the first 500 € (Collision and Damage Waiver with 500 € deductible). Additionally our cars are covered for theft and fire.

7. What is your cancellation policy?

As soon as you have completed the wizard and paid for the rental with your credit card, you have a reservation with us and you receive our automatic confirmation e-mail. You can still make any changes at any time, just inform us a couple of days earlier. If you want to cancel the whole reservation
more than 10 days before the original pick up date, we will refund the 90% and keep the 10% as a cancellation fee, but it has to be at least 15€.
less than 10 days before the original pick up date, we will refund the 80% and keep the 20% as a cancellation fee, but it has to be at least 20€.


Here’s some tips that are not “frequently asked” but are good to know…
When entering a roundabout in Greece you have priority. Meaning that the one who is already moving in the roundabout has to stop for the one who enters. Unless there is a stop sign of course.
On a red light you cannot even turn right. You have to stop no matter what.
You can “break” the speed limit as long as you go more or less like the other cars are going. The limit changes very often and sometimes is obscene(!) so it’s hard to keep track of it. The police will not expect you to follow the limits exactly, they’re more sensitive about going faster than the rest and driving carelessly.
Some places of major tourist interest and the distance in hours from Athens: Cape Sounio (1 hour), Nafplio (2 hours), Patra - Olympia (4 hours), Sparti - Mystras (3 hours), Delphi (2,5 hours), Meteora (5 hours), Thessaloniki (5,5 hours). An interesting and very popular 1-day-tour would be the tour of Argolis: Athens - Korinth – Ancient Korinth – Epidavros – Nafplio – Micynae – Korinth – Athens.
Together with the info you have from your tourist book, double check by calling the site you want to visit because they close early especially during the wintertime and you can never predict a possible strike or maintenance which is not often but it happens…

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